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The Celtic triquetra symbol has been used by Christians as a sign of the Blessed Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), since ancient times.

Dr Willson aligns herself with this belief system and identifies with this representation of the symbol, where a circle goes through the three interconnected loops of the triquetra, representing God Almighty’s love around the Holy Trinity.

The circle also emphasizes the unity of the whole combination of the three elements, such as we see in Homeopathy: (Mind, Body and Soul) therapy and the use of natural remedies sourced from (Plant, Mineral and Animal)

What is Biopuncture and how does it work? Biopuncture

Biopuncture is the use of injections (intra-dermal, subcutaneous, intra-muscular or intra-articular) containing micro doses of bio-therapeutics. These bio-therapeutics are medicinal products comprising varying components of botanical substances, vitamins, minerals and low dilution homoeopathic remedies compounded and dispensed in ampoules. The ampules are manufactured under strict Pharmacopoeia protocols, mostly in Germany. Biopuncture is used to help regulate inflammatory processes in the body, stimulate natural healing and aid in detoxification. The main aim of treatment using Biopuncture is to have a local effect (i.e. at the site of injection) as well as to improve the body’s own intrinsic ability to heal and thus have a more global effect on the patient’s health.

What conditions can Biopuncture help treat?

Biopuncture is utilised to assist with conditions such as and not exclusively: back and neck pain, TMJ syndrome, sprains and strains, heel spurs, sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, tennis/golfer’s elbow, torticollis, trigeminal neuralgia, frozen shoulder, fatigue, fibromyalgia, tension headaches, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, neuralgia, whiplash, vertigo, liver dysfunction, colitis, menstrual difficulties, poor circulation, poor lymphatic drainage, gout, shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia .

Clinical EvaluationHow do we Assess You?

Registered Homeopaths are by their scope of practice qualified diagnosticians. The Homeopathic case taking appointment involves the insightful gaining of relevant information. Dr Willson will enquire as to the medical history of the patient, asking lots of questions. A physical diagnostic clinical examination will be performed where appropriately necessary. If required, then further pathology lab tests will be performed as well as X-Rays/Sonars if necessary. All information is assimilated and the appropriate medication will be prescribed. All consultations and medicines are billed at Medical Aid Rates.

Supply of all Homeopathic Remedies Dispensary

We have a state of the art, professional dispensary.

All homeopathic remedies are dispensed from here in various forms: tinctures; drops; creams; powders; pillules; granules or injections.

We also prescribe and dispense, where appropriate, various neutriceutical supplements.

AllergiesLifestyle Advice

Holistic practitioners are well versed and trained in assisting with a variety of lifestyle advice and modifications.


Have a look at this Detox questionnaire, complete it and see what type of detox you should be doing.

We can help you with a professional, monitored and personalized detox.

Weight loss

A 12 week programme that is professionally monitored will assist you to be healthy, vital and vibrant!

Stress Relief

A multi-faceted approach to Stress Relief is employed. This is a very real part of society and affects everyone. Unmanaged stress can cause very serious deterioration in health i.e. insomnia; weight gain; anxiety; depression; hormone disorders; hypertension to name but a few.

Dr Willson also has a very keen interest in Academic Stress. She believes that so many scholars and students are not able to adequately manage their stress. Subsequent exam results are therefore not a true reflection of their ability. Homeopathy can be of real assistance. Academic Stress was the subject of Dr Willson’s research as part of her Master’s degree. Click here to read her research paper.

Stop Smoking

Homeopathy can assist you to stop smoking with the use of key remedies for counteracting nicotine addiction and draining your lungs from the toxic build-up of smoking residue. We also assist with breaking habits, assessing triggers, helping you to design a customised game plan for quitting.

Exercise and fitness advice

An assessment of each person as an individual is done to see what would be the best suited exercise for health and vitality. Sometimes DNA analysis is utilised.


DNAlysis offers a personalised approach to diet, nutrition, and exercise advice according to your unique genetic make-up.

We offer the analysis of:

  • DNA diet
  • DNA health
  • DNA fit
  • DNA oestrogen
A swab is taken of your inner cheek, analysis is done and full report feedback and adjustments to lifestyle suggested.

Live Blood AnalysisLive Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis, also known as Nutritional microscopy or Darkfield microscopy, is fundamentally the analysis of living blood under a powerful microscope, connected to a camera.
The condition and quality of one’s red blood cells, has a direct impact on one’s present and future health. Live blood analysis is especially useful in preventative healthcare.

A drop of blood is examined under a special microscope which has both dark-field and bright-field options. Very quickly one can see nutritional deficiencies, which organs are stressed, heavy metal toxicities, and imbalances in acidity or pH. The toxic effects of a typical Western lifestyle can easily be demonstrated. This is not a diagnostic tool but serves to confirm that which is already suspected, and serves to monitor and demonstrate progress, and response to treatment.

With live blood analysis, the patient can see directly the abnormalities that need correction, and is involved with the discussion of the rationale and need to make the corrections.

Another test often performed in conjunction with live blood analysis is called layered dried blood analysis or Oxidative Stress test. A drop of blood is pressed onto a slide to make 8 consecutive smears, and allowed to coagulate and dry. The patterns of coagulation reveal further information about the state of the terrain, and signs which corroborate information already revealed by the live blood analysis.

Live Blood Analysis is done as part of a consultation. Appointments are required for this service.

Homeoprophylaxis Homeoprophylaxis

A safe alternative to toxic Vaccinations!

“Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized substances in a systematic manner to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of disease.”

Homeoprophylaxis means the use of homeopathic nosodes OR homeopathic remedies for disease prevention.

  • The goal of HP is to sensitise the immune system to the Homeopathic presence of the nosodes of a given disease.
  • Homeopathic nosodes are prepared from disease germs.
  • The remedies are made under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Guidelines so that not a single chemical molecule of the disease remains using dilution and potentization methods.
  • Once a remedy is potentized and made into a tincture, only the frequency of that diseased substance remains. This tincture is then dropped on small pills to make each of the remedies or nosodes, in various potencies.
  • This method has been clinically studied for over 15 years by Dr. Isaac Golden and is a safe and effective option to vaccinations to protect a person from infectious contagious diseases.
Who Is The HP Program For?


The HP Program is designed for those who have made the decision to NOT VACCINATE their children or themselves, but who would like to have a safe alternative method of disease prevention.
Homeoprophylaxis (HP) has a 90% effectiveness rating in clinical studies.