An Integrative Approach to Cancer

The journey of the cancer patient is traumatic and can be overwhelming as they fight for life and survival. Homeopaths with an interest in this staggering field can be of vital assistance to the cancer patient.

Homeopathy is a valuable part of integrative therapy, its low cost, minimal risks and range of effects encourage its use as an valuable tool. In recent years, homeopathy has been used in cancer care in Europe and other countries worldwide. This use raised the question if there is any benefit in utilizing this type of care with cancer patients. Frenkel. M (2015) in an evaluation of published research explored the evidence related to the benefit of homeopathy in cancer care. Research suggests that homeopathic remedies appear to cause cellular changes in some cancer cells. Several homeopathic remedies have had an inhibitory effect on certain tumor development in animal models. Some clinical studies of homeopathic remedies combined with conventional care have shown that homeopathic remedies improve quality of life, reduce symptom burden, and possibly improve survival in patients with cancer.

We offer assistance with homeopathic remedies, lifestyle advice, neutriceutical assistance as well as some very specialised products like Salvestrols® and CYP support®.

DNA analysis is also available to determine whether one carries various genes that would predispose one to specific cancers. Advice is then offered as to how one’s epigenetics can be altered so as to minimise the risk of expressing those genes.

Children, Coughs and Colds

Homeopathic remedies offer excellent assistance to children as they combat an onslaught of coughs, colds, sinusitis and allergies.

The remedies are easy on the palate and compliance is really good.

A recent study, of 85 children in an open study, investigated children affected by wet acute cough caused by non-complicated URTIs, comparing those who received the homeopathic syrup versus those treated with the homeopathic syrup plus antibiotic. Data confirmed that the homeopathic treatment in question has potential benefits for cough in children and highlighted the strong safety profile of this treatment. Additional antibiotic prescription was not associated with a greater cough reduction, and presented more adverse events than the homeopathic syrup alone.

Academic Stress

Is stress getting the better of you?

  • Exhausted
  • Unable to study
  • Indifferent
  • Lack of will power
  • Procrastination
  • A dread of failing
  • Headaches
  • Craving carbs and stimulants
Homeopathy can help you to achieve your full potential in your exams. Let your results reflect your true ability.

Dr Willson has a very keen interest in Academic Stress. She believes that so many scholars and students are not able to adequately manage their stress. Subsequent exam results are therefore not a true reflection of their ability. Homeopathy can be of real assistance. Academic Stress was the subject of Dr Willson’s research as part of her Master’s degree. Her dissertation is available by clicking here.

Vaccinations - To vaccinate or not

There has been a bombardment of negative publicity about vaccinations recently, a groundswell is gaining momentum. My colleagues and I admit to being uncomfortable with the vaccination programme as recommended by our health system.

Did you know that autism has increased from 1 in 10000 to 1 in 50 in just over a decade in the USA? The increase in autoimmune diseases in children, ADHD and allergies and their link to vaccinations is also being continuously challenged.

Parents may feel overwhelmed by the strong opinions and info from both sides of the vaccine debate. At the center of parents’ concern is the deep need to protect their children from harm.

For parents who choose to vaccinate, we would recommend that they be selective, use single vaccines only and never in the first year of life when the immune system is so vulnerable. Also, we recommend supporting the child homeopathically before and after the vaccination, to counteract the negative effects of the vaccination. A few well selected homeopathic remedies can assist in building immunity and rectifying some of the damage done.

The administration of acetominophen or paracetomol (Calpol or Panado etc) before and after a vaccination is very dangerous as it reduces the body’s ability to produce Glutathion – a powerful antioxidant that chews up much of the toxic heavy metals found in the vaccines, such as aluminium; mercury and formaldehyde. So, if anything, please don’t do this! There are products that stimulate the production of this antioxidant and some parents are administering these to decrease toxic build up in kids who have had many vaccines. There are also programmes for chelating heavy metal build up. We can assist with this.

For those who choose not to vaccinate, we offer Homeoprophylaxis (HP) in our practice. HP is an alternative method of protecting against childhood diseases without the potential side effects of vaccinations. HP is the use of homeopathic nosodes, in medicated powder form, for disease protection. Homeoprophylaxis is a safe and non-harmful way of protecting you and your child from infectious and contagious disease.

We offer Influenza Homeoprophylaxis too. This is safe for babies, children, elderly and immuno-compromised.

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Homeopathy and Hayfever

Numerous studies indicate that homeopathy should be the treatment of choice for allergies. They consistently show that homeopathic treatment alleviates the symptoms of hay fever and other hypersensitivity disorders, improves quality of life, and without dangerous side-effects. Some of the studies relating to hay fever are listed below. - See more at:

Ionic Salt Lamps

Air pollution and electronic devices, including heaters, TV, Wi-Fi, microwaves and computers can change the charge of the atoms and molecules in the air around us, creating positive charges. These positive ions have adverse effects on health.

Ionic Salt Lamp

In nature the good "negative charges" predominate around waterfalls, tumbling rivers, mountaintops and at the seashore. They are also increased after storms and leave us with that vitalising “fresh air” experience.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps produce negative charges by adding an electron to the light atoms passing through the salt. Negative charges can reduce airborne pollutants, pollens and bacteria. Negative charges also increase our body’s capacity to take up oxygen and this inadvertently has many health benefits like:

  • Increased concentration and alertness
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Increased Immune function
  • Increased detoxification
  • Increased healing
  • Increased serotonin levels with resultant enhanced mood
  • Although these lamps are not medical devices, the result of more negative ions in the air can be helpful with conditions like:
    • Sinus
    • Headaches
    • Allergies
    • Colds and Flus
    • Hay Fever

    Please enquire at our reception about availability and price of these beautiful warm, glowing lamps.

    Fear of Flying

    The thought of flying fills many folk with a sheer sense of dread. Sweaty palms, anxiety, palpitations and even panic attacks.

    The reasons why and how this loosely termed phobia manifest is different for each person.

    You don’t have to suffer or feel alone if this phobia is a reality for you.

    Homeopathy can assist! Firstly with acute remedies, which will bring actual relief of symptoms before, and during the flight. Secondly, treating the experience on a deeper level, a constitutional level, seeking to get to the root of the problem and then prescribing accordingly, can help provide a longer term solution (Scullion, 2014)